Project Find
Early Childhood Special Education 
Project Find works to identify young people from birth to age 26 residing in Clare and Gladwin counties who have physical, social-emotional, or learning conditions that prevent them from succeeding in school. We strive to meet a young person's needs so they can receive the best education possible. Services are provided locally through Clare-Gladwin RESD.  
Project Find

Through multiple venues, the goal of Project Find is to refer as early as possible all children, youth, and young adults with disabilities who may be eligible for special educational services. Referrals can be made to Project Find by parents, doctors, health departments, the Department of Human Services, and mental health agencies. 

Project Find is devoted to helping individuals, parents, and people who work with families (known as primary referral sources), to connect with the special educational services that may be needed. In Michigan, eligible children, youth, and young adults may receive special educational services from birth through 25 years of age.  

Contact 386-8615 if you suspect a delay in one or more of the following areas: 
  • Cognitive Development
  • Speech and Language Development
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Fine Motor/Visual Motor/Sensory Development
  • Adaptive or Self-Help Skills
Referral Process:
When an individual is suspected of a delay in an area of education development, the appropriate program/service can be obtained from Clare-Gladwin RESD through the following process:
  • Special Education Referral
  • Evaluation
  • Mutlidisciplinary Evaluation Team and Individualized Education Program Team Meeting
  • A special education program and/or skilled therapy developed to target the area of delay 
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